Elect Team Unite at 2021 CLC Convention

Let’s Build The Future

  • “I’m proud to support #TeamUniteCLC. Bea Bruske, Lily Chang and Siobhan Vipond are strong leaders with a commitment to bring the CLC together. With consensus solutions and a commitment to fight for workers’ rights we can engage the members of our movement and rebuild our solidarity.”

    Ken Neumann
    USW National Director

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  • “Bea Bruske, Lily Chang and Siobhan Vipond are outstanding activists with decades of labour movement experience and rock-solid commitments to advancing the interests of workers and their families.”

    Paul Meinema
    National President, UFCW Canada

  • “Bea, Lily and Siobhan are phenomenal activists who bring different backgrounds and skillsets to the table. Together, they form a powerful team that will lead the CLC to a new era of true solidarity and movement building.”

    Mark Hancock
    CUPE National President

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  • “Bea, Lily, and Siobhan have demonstrated throughout their careers that they are willing to take on the hard fights in support of working families. I am proud to endorse Team Unite and confident that they have the knowledge and experience to build a strong labour movement for all Canadians.”

    John Lewis
    International Vice-President, Director of Canadian Affairs, IATSE Canada

  • “We know that workers across Canada are facing serious challenges every day. We need a strong and vocal response to ensure workers’ rights are heard and respected. We need activists like Bea, Lily and Siobhan who can bring the stories of workers forward in the fight for fairness and equality, not only in the workplace but across society.”

    Larry Brown
    President, NUPGE

  • “I am pleased to stand in Rock Solid support of #TeamUniteCLC – Bea Bruske, Lily Chang, and Siobhan Vipond. These are three strong sisters who will work to bring the Canadian Labour Congress together and make it stronger for all workers across Canada.”

    Stan Pickthall
    IAM General Vice-President

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  • “We need to build the power of working people to defend our rights at work and in our communities. Bea, Lily and Siobhan have already done much for workers at every level of our union movement. We look forward to all they will do for working people at the helm of the CLC.”

    Barb Nederpel, President
    Hospital Employees’ Union

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  • “Team Unite CLC is a powerhouse of progressive women who will strengthen the labour movement across Canada by connecting unions and building a future that puts the issues of workers and their families at the forefront.”

    Kim Novak
    President, UFCW Canada 1518

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