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Team Unite CLC 2021

Team Unite expresses our solidarity with the hundreds of thousands of farmers protesting in India in response to regressive new agricultural laws designed to deregulate the agricultural sector.

In a disgusting attempt to use the current COVID-19 pandemic as an excuse to implement industrial reforms, the government of India introduced new laws this fall that will remove protections for small local farmers and allow large corporations to set pricing well below their current rates. Without government enforced minimum rates, small local farmers will be exploited, if not driven out of the agricultural sector al together.

Neo-liberal policies like deregulation don’t work for workers. They only serve to line the pockets of the large corporations that lobby for their implementation. Governments around the world continue to use the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to justify attacking and suspending labour laws and workers rights ignoring the fact that these workers are the only reasons our communities have remained functional.

The farmers in India and frontline essential workers around the world have been putting their lives on the line on a daily basis during this pandemic to ensure we have access to food and services. What we need is a plan for a just recovery that puts those workers first. We do not need more austerity driven policies that we know only serve to make the rich get richer.

Team Unite supports the farmers in India and those that support their cause as they continue to defend their rights and fight for their livelihoods against these oppressive laws.

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