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It’s time to unite Canada’s labour movement to build a stronger future for all workers and families.  Elect Team Unite at the 2021 Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) Convention. Support Bea Bruske for CLC President, Lily Chang for CLC Secretary-Treasurer, and Siobhan Vipond for CLC Executive Vice-President.

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“Incredulous” that CLC skips affiliate input and joins with Chamber of Commerce to endorse Bill Morneau

Ottawa – November 2, 2020 – Team Unite has heard from many labour activists across the country regarding the Canadian Labour Congress’s endorsement of Bill Morneau for the position of General Secretary of OECD. This was a joint endorsement with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce. As the CLC is Canada’s national body which exists to stand up for workers and to defend labour rights, we are incredulous that the current leadership of the CLC would take this position, especially as this public endorsement was made without affiliate input. Worse still, to make this a joint statement with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce shows a disregard for workers who are often negatively impacted by the actions of employers who are represented by the Chamber.

Bill Morneau as the past Minister of Finance, has been part of a government that legislated CUPW workers back to work, has not been able to ensure that PSAC members get paid properly or on time, and has dragged its heels on the many legislative demands that workers have made to build a fair and equitable Canada. These include failing to act on strengthening the Employment Insurance program, childcare investments, legislating Pharmacare, increase investment in health care and mental health access, and the list goes on.

Team Unite believes that we must stand up for workers in all of our actions, statements and endorsements. We believe that we must work in close alignment with the affiliated unions and labour bodies to jointly determine the best path forward in representing workers interests.

We recognize the need to work with the federal government and governments of all stripes to advance workers’ rights. This does not mean that the CLC should provide endorsements with employer groups to serve a personal agenda. It is time to for a principled CLC that works for workers and will stand up for you.