Re-elect Team Unite at 2023 CLC Convention

Together For Workers

Despite being elected amid the COVID-19 pandemic and so many of the challenges that came with it, we are proud of what we have achieved for workers in Canada over the past two years.

Since 2021, we’ve been a voice for worker solidarity across Canada. Our movement is as diverse as Canada is, but getting everyone on the same page is our job and it’s a role we embrace. When it was time to bring workers together to fight for better pandemic supports, or to create pathways to permanent status for foreign workers, or to stand up against attacks on workers’ Charter rights – we were there.

Through political action and lobbying, we’ve brought home major victories for working families across Canada. We helped negotiate and develop the affordable child care framework between the federal government and the provinces and territories. We helped negotiate legislation guaranteeing 10 days of federal paid sick leave.

We helped broker the confidence and supply agreement between the Liberal government and the NDP, ensuring electoral peace until 2025. Critically, the agreement also secured action on priorities that generations of activists have fought for, like child care, pharmacare, dental care, reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, affordable housing, and federal anti-scab legislation.

We’ve built up the CLC to ensure our regions and departments were staffed and resourced to meet the needs of our affiliates and workers across Canada. We focused on empowering workers and meeting them where they are, training and engaging workers in their communities, and upping our digital game to engage hundreds of thousands of Canadian workers in online actions.

We’ve brought strong, collaborative leadership to the challenges before to benefit our affiliates and workers across Canada – and we’re ready to keep going.